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Seafreight rates

If you have experience with the import of goods to Europe, then you have noticed that the costs you make, after calculating the sea freight rate, are opaque, elusive and extremely laborious. The basic transport tariff is almost always supplemented with a list of surcharges, which charge shipping companies and freight forwarders. Often the surcharges are shown in different currencies: costs from the loading ports and costs from the destination ports. Often under the heading of handling fee. But what does the handling fee consist of? And are the costs that are covered below negotiable? The total tariff is thus almost impossible to understand for the customer. As a trading company, this is very important: you obviously do not want to make a mistake with the purchase.

Select the desired container vessel here and receive the absolute lowest all-in price for your sea freight. Book directly and follow your freight realtime.

Transparency in price structure

In order to ensure transparency in the price structure, The Freight Hero provides a clear and structured overview of all costs. By combining costs and simplifying, the Freight Hero - after going through a number of very simple ordering steps - shows exactly what your costs are: 'From port to port' or 'Delivered to your door'. You know immediately and without logging in exactly you pay for:

  • sea freight
  • the costs in the ports
  • the warehouse
  • the customs clearance
  • delivery

You also receive clarity from The Freight Hero when it comes to separate import duties, custom controls and VAT amounts.

Correct commodity codes

Should The Freight Hero see from the submitted packing list that you are not using the correct code, then he will inform you as soon as possible. That can save you a lot of money and hassle with customs. Money once paid to the tax authorities can not be reclaimed later and if you have incorrect HS codes, you can get substantial fines through customs.

The Freight Hero: Save time, save money.