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Import from the Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast is the largest cocoa producer in the world and also exports other export products such as coffee, cotton and wood from the rainforest. The Netherlands imports the most from Ivory Coast and is the most important export partner for Ivory Coast, followed by the United States, Nigeria, Germany, France and Canada.

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The large share of agriculture in the economy (almost 30%) of the country makes Côte d'Ivoire very vulnerable to external factors such as world market prices and weather conditions. The strong regional economic position does not detract from the fact that Ivory Coast is one of the poorest countries in the world. For some years now, the Ivory Coast has been a producer and exporter of oil. The production of this mainly takes place offshore.

Port of loading

The most frequently used port of Côte d'Ivoire is the the port of Abidjan.

Loading port surcharges

Companies wishing to import goods from Ivory Coast are confronted with a so-called War Risk surcharge. The shipping companies charge the surcharge because they are faced with higher costs due to war and unsafe situations in the exporting country. For example, insurance costs. Moreover, the shipping companies are dealing with more expensive fuel.

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