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About us

The Freight Hero is an innovative online booking platform for sea and air freight. Do you want to import or export goods? On the platform you can see all possible rates for sea and air freight within 30 seconds. You then book your sea and air freight within two minutes.

The Freight Hero specializes in importing and exporting goods to and from the three most important ports in Europe: Rotterdam, Hamburg and Antwerp. On the booking platform of The Freight Hero you select your container or air freight and receive a sharp all-in rate. You book directly and you can track your shipment on your own dashboard in real time. Because of the excellent trade relations with shipping companies and (air) ports in all 196 countries, The Freight Hero is able to provide daily container shipments and air freight from around 700 destinations worldwide.


By using a fully automated purchasing system, The Freight Hero offers the best prices for sea and air freight for every volume. In addition to sea and air freight costs, there are many other costs that play a role in the import and export of goods. The Freight Hero has developed unique software, in which all these costs are fully bundled, compared and processed online. In this way much is saved on the handling costs, the customs clearance costs, the costs in ports and the trucking costs.


This digitization results in unprecedented sharp import and export tariffs for our clients. Especially in the volumes from 1 to 10 cubic meters (cubic meter = cbm). These so-called Less than Container Load shipments are usually difficult and laborious transports and are usually offered at (too) high rates by fellow forwarding agents.

The combination of our intelligent software, together with the economies of scale we have with the LCL shipments, means that our FCL prices, the prices for full containers, are also very competitive.

All rates on this site are all-in, so you always know exactly what the transport will cost in advance. Transparent, without hidden costs! Keep in mind, however, that you may still pay import duties, VAT or a customs inspection to our government.

Saving in time

With a few clicks you can order the desired transport. After this you can upload the necessary additional data via your customer dashboard and then follow your transport completely carefree. You can see which status your order has, where the goods are and when they arrive at the delivery address. Via the dashboard you can also have previous transports carried out again and you will find all quotations and invoices. That makes for a huge saving in time and money!

The Freight Hero: Save time, save money!