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Stap 5 Afronding en facturatie


Now that the goods have been delivered, the order step "Delivery" has been completed (see screenshot below: Step 4 Delivery is green and checked). You will also see on the right that the status of "The goods have been delivered" is automatically updated. In the last step you indicate whether you have a so-called VAT reverse charge arrangement with the tax authorities. Companies that import goods on a regular basis may be eligible for such a scheme with the tax authorities.


In the cost overview you now also see the additional costs after the customs declaration. These items correspond to the amounts that you were already notified to you in the Invitation to Pay. When the invoice is created by The Freight Hero, it will be emailed to you.

Invoice created

Besides the fact that you will receive the invoice by e-mail, you will also find it in your customer environment in this final order step. You can also download the invoice here. The status "The invoice is created" will also be automatically updated on the right with a check mark.



The invoice looks like this.


After the payment has arrived at The Freight Hero, the final order step is completed.