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Create an account


In order to make a booking, you will need to register for the first time. You create an account and with that your own customer environment.


Once you have filled in all the fields, you can register by clicking the "register" button at the bottom.


Additional information

You will now see an exclamation mark on the top right of the home page next to your user name (see screenshot below). If you place your cursor on the exclamation mark, you will see a message that your profile is not yet complete. Even without your Profile complete, you can complete your booking. However, before The Freight Hero will ship your freight, you will have to complete your profile.

Your Profile - Direct Representation

By clicking on the exclamation mark with your cursor / mouse, you can click through and enter your profile. You will find a so-called "Authorization for direct representation" form. You need to authorize The Freight Hero the first time you place an order to do the customs clearance for you. You can download the document (template), print it out, sign it and then upload it (scanned). Hereafter, The Freight Hero will validate your "Authorization for direct representation" form.


Completing - Chamber of Commerce, VAT and EORI

Before The Freight Hero can make a customs declaration, you have to fill in: The Chamber of Commerce number, VAT number and EORI number.


With the button "Save" you complete your profile. Then you will see the ordering steps module.